Our challenge for 2019 is to build fit for purpose toilets suitable for older girls and women. There is an abundance of evidence and international reports showing that encouraging girls in remote rural areas like Kambe to stay on in school provides benefits to the individual and to the well-being of the whole community.

At present the only toilet facilities for all the girls and women teachers are unpleasant and basic.

Many older girls lose school days due to the issues with dealing with personal hygiene and it’s believed this is the reason why some older girls give up on school completely.

Our funding target is £10,500 to build cleaner toilet and washing facilities.

To make a specific donation for this urgent need please follow the link to our funding campaign


2 more classrooms

In 2016 and 2017 Under the Mango Tree funded the building of two ground floor classrooms. These were designed and built so that two more classrooms could be built above to serve as a first floor. The first floor rooms were to be built once funding was in place and school pupil numbers increased.

Both these factors have now happened and the building work is scheduled for the first half of 2019.

We are happy to announce that largely due to a specific generous donation, the building work is FULLY FUNDED.

There will of course be additional needs once the building is complete eg. desks, chairs, educational materials etc and if you would like to donate to our general fund please follow the link to our general funding campaign


Please come back to this page as well as our News Updates & Blog to see progress.

The building work is now well underway as at March 2019. The front of the original ground floor classrooms can be seen with the new floor above. The second photo shows the rear view of the building with an enclosed access strairway that will also provide useful storage.